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Why Systemic Prosperity?

Most CEO’s or organizational leaders would state they desire for their organization to be prosperous, but what is true prosperity and why don’t we see more organizations’ prospering in today’s global environment? True prosperity goes well beyond financial success to include prosperity for all stakeholders, the environment to create success, the systems to support a prosperous environment, and the measurements required to realize true prosperity. With this understanding, we can see that true prosperity is systemic, which means it must flow throughout the entire organization. This is why we use the term Systemic Prosperity, which is a framework developed by Stravicom Global to realize true prosperity. The four major components of The Systemic Prosperity Framework are:

  1. Culture Cultivation – Creating the environment for success with a clear identity for the organization, strategy for success, strong leadership, and investment in the employees.
  2. Operational Excellence – The ability to deliver excellence one customer at a time through excellent customer service, delivery systems, business processes, and continuous improvement of systems.
  3. Customer Focus – The creation of products and services that are attractive to a defined market segment, sales systems that effectively deliver within the defined markets, and customer satisfaction well above the industry average.
  4. Scoreboard for Success – Clear and timely measurements which communicate levels of success in cultural, operational, and customer satisfaction.

The Systemic Prosperity Framework can be deployed to provide a holistic view of the organization, while integrating the various components, which are typically silos. This allows the entrepreneur, business owner, government leader, senior leader, or CEO to effectively establish a holistic view of the organization, develop the detailed steps of how to get there, and deliver the results which produce the desired level of prosperity.

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