Client Profile

The target market for Stravicom Global, Inc. is an owner, government official, entrepreneur, leader, or CEO who has the desire to grow or re-align his/her organization to reflect true prosperity for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, stockholders, partners, and the community. The Enterprise Excellence Framework is effective for the organization in a start-up mode or the well established organization which has become stagnant or just not achieving their true potential. The organizational size may vary from a small number of employees to thousands of employees in locations around the world.



Signature Services



Stravicom Global, Inc. offers a variety of professional services to assist your organization on the journey of excellence. These services include:


  • The Enterprise Excellence FrameworkStravicom Global, Inc. has developed our signature product to assist organizations establish a unique framework which works to define and align resources on the course to successfully arrive at the desired destination. This process provides a valuable means by which to connect the many dynamic components within an organization to achieve the desired results.
  • Leadership CoachingThe successful development of leaders within an organization is a critical component of an organization on the journey to excellence. Most leadership development involves training, which is useful, but the most effective form of leadership development is a more practical approach of taking the core leadership team through the process of strategic planning and then providing objective coaching that works with them on a group and individual basis to ensure success in their respective areas and as a team. The results are stronger individual leaders, more cohesive teams, and greater accountability and results.
  • Transition Services Organizations face major transitions which can provide substantial risk to the organization. Properly addressing and handling a transition can mean the difference between success and failure. These transitions can be ownership transitions, acquisitions, geographic expansion, exponential growth, contraction of business, etc. Stravicom Global, Inc. can assist with the transition, provide the necessary objectivity, and mitigate risks through the process.
  • Ownership and Executive Leadership Retreat FacilitationMany times the best way to work through the planning or identity process is to get the team away from the office, without phones and interruptions, and focus on the tasks to be accomplished. Stravicom Global, Inc. can be the objective facilitator who will guide your team through a process to discover and articulate the desired outcome. These retreats include facilitation to better define the organizations identity, strategic planning, problem solving, special projects, etc.
  • Board RetreatsBoards for businesses and non-profits are usually made up of individuals with very active lives, varying gifts and talents, and an annual or bi-annual retreat is the preferred means to get the Board Members together to review organizational progress and chart the course for the next year. Stravicom Global, Inc. understands the many dynamics and requirements of Boards and can facilitate your Board through the desired assessment, strategic planning, or problem solving processes in order to realize the most productive use of time.
  • Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)Many organizations need an objective strategist on the ownership or leadership team who can assist to align and define the organization to achieve the desired results. However, most small to mid-size organizations do not require a full time strategist on staff, but could greatly benefit from the insight and objective perspective on a regular basis. To fulfill this need, Stravicom Global, Inc. offers monthly services of one or more days per month to provide the valuable services of a CSO who works with your Leadership Team. This affordable option brings great value to most organizations and can be utilized on an as needed basis by a firm you can trust and one who understands your needs.
  • Strategic Planning Services Stravicom Global, Inc. works with a variety of organizations to provide the valuable services of translating your vision into a strategic plan which can be successfully embraced and deployed by those within the organization. Many successful tools and resources are at your disposal to plot the most effective means on the journey to your desired destination.
  • Specific Projects Stravicom Global, Inc. can work with your organization on a variety of projects to accomplish a specific goal. Each project is outlined in a detailed proposal which establishes project scope, stated objectives, deliverables, and the required investment.