The Enterprise Excellence Framework

Our Approach… is to assist organizations in the journey of excellence, through the execution of a system developed by Stravicom Global, Inc., The Enterprise Excellence Framework. To pursue sustainable excellence, Stravicom Global, Inc. works with the owner, entrepreneur, leader, or CEO to identify and realize the potential that is present within the organization. This capability exists within many organization through its people, processes and potential, however, a system to define and align these components is required. The Enterprise Excellence Framework defines, aligns, and integrates the four critical components in the pursuit of excellence, which include Culture Cultivation, Operational Excellence, Customer Focus, and a Scoreboard for Success. To deliver the Enterprise Excellence Framework and other signature services, Stravicom Global, Inc. provides, please visit our Signature Services page.


The Engagement Process


Many organizations are reluctant to engage an outside consulting or professional services firm for fear of disruption of business and a draining of resources. For this reason, Stravicom Global, Inc. has developed a process referred to as the A+ Process, which provides a consistent reproducible methodology to engage an organization as we pursue your desired objectives. The elements of the A+ Process are:

Aspire (Visualize) – The Aspire phase establishes the aspirations or vision for the organization or the specific project.  Once the aspirations are clear and the desired destination identified, the proper tools can be deployed to clearly chart the course and ensure we arrive on time and on budget.

Assess (Analyze) – The Assess phase provides the current picture of the organization and may require assessment in any or all of the following seven areas:

Associate Interviews
Operational Assessment
Infrastructure Assessment
Sales/Marketing Assessment
Leadership Assessment
Client Interviews
Financial Assessment

Architect (Strategize) – The Architect Phase begins the process of building a strategy which will accomplish what the organization aspires to be. The strategy leverages the strengths, systems, and experience of the organization to produce a Strategy Map to establish the journey to the desired destination.

Attain (Realize) – The Attain phase begins the process of developing the execution portion of the Strategic Plan. In the Attain Phase specific projects are identified, prioritized, and assigned with specified dates for completion. The execution section of the Strategic Plan becomes the basis for managing the Strategic Plan deployment.

Align (Optimize) – The Align Phase is realized as the organizational resources are aligned to the established Strategic Plan. The Align phase optimizes the results by ensuring all resources are working together and organizational barriers are reduced and eliminated.

Accountability (Maximize) – The Accountability Phase is established internally as the Strategic Plan is communicated throughout the organization and a Scoreboard for Success is established at the local or divisional level.

Ascension (Globalize) – The Ascension Phase is pursued after the previous six phases have proven successful and a solid infrastructure is capable of supporting local expansion, regional/national/global expansion, new products, or succession planning.