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Great Companies Begin with Great Ownership

A great company begins with great ownership and great ownership begins with the founder, owner, government leader, or chief executive defining the organizational identity (Vision, Mission, Values, and Brand). Many times the identity is clear in the owners mind, but has not been clearly articulated and established for the rest of the organization, resulting in an identity crisis. Clearly defining the organizational identity is the first component of great ownership.

The second component of great ownership is an owner or CEO understanding their personal competencies, strengths, passions, and preferences and their greatest value to the organization. This is referred to as ownership advantage when the owner(s) is properly positioned within the organization to produce the greatest value. Many times the owner is central to the early success of the organization and it may be his/her talents that were able to create the vision, bring it to fruition, and realize early success. However, as the organization grows and matures, the owner may transition into roles in which he/she may be less effective. Understanding and optimizing ownership advantage can greatly benefit the organization and allowing the owner to be improperly positioned within the organization can also be one of the greatest hindrances to sustainable prosperity.

For example, the founder may have strengths and passions in the area of sales and marketing, but through the building of the organization, spends most of his/her time in operations. In the early years of the organization the owner may be required to wear many hats, however realizing ones strengths and quickly bringing in complementary talent or outsourcing some of the roles which are not within their strengths is very beneficial. Whenever the owner or leader of the organization can realize their greatest contribution to the organization, which may not be the top position, the first steps have been made to position the organization to benefit from ownership advantage.

The most common barrier to achieving ownership advantage is ownership EGO, which drives the owner to control areas outside of their strengths and competencies, even when it is not in the best interest of the organization. However, as the owner puts EGO aside and begins to understand ownership advantage, he/she can quickly begin to assimilate the great benefits of being properly positioned within the organization.

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