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Culture Cultivation…Creating the Environment for Success

There has been much written in recent years on the topic of culture and the proper development of a culture within an organization. However, culture is often overlooked and not recognized as a critical element required to realize success within an organization. We have all heard the statement, the customer comes first, and this sounds great for marketing and sales purposes, but if an environment is not created where the employees thrive and come first, and they are not equipped with the tools and training necessary for success, how can we expect them to consistently provide a high level of service when they are not being served themselves. When we strive to place our employees first and create an environment in which they can thrive and provide excellence, they will be able to deliver the high quality service demanded by customers today.

Let’s begin with the question of what is culture? Culture is the environment in which an organization operates, and just as the right environment is necessary for a plant to grow, thrive, and prosper, the same is true for an organization. However, in order to understand how to impact the culture of an organization, we must first identify the four major elements of culture cultivation:

  1. Great Ownership (Definition) – Every great organization begins with great ownership. Great ownership defines the organizational identity (vision, mission, values, brand) and invests in the resources required to prosper.
  2. Strategic Advantage (Direction) – The organization creates strategic advantage as the direction is clearly established based on a holistic view and all resources are engaged to move in the right direction.
  3. Leadership Team (Development) – Effective leadership is required to understand the organizational identity, embrace the strategy, and effectively deploy the plan to achieve the desired results. The leadership team develops the organization to fulfill the vision successfully.
  4. Employee Development (Dimension) – The effective recruitment, development, and alignment of employees throughout the organization, who buy into the vision, strategy, and are supported by leadership will expand the dimension and influence of the organization.

These four elements of culture provide an excellent foundation by which an organization can be successfully established. The culture that has been effectively cultivated provides an environment by which the seeds of opportunity can produce an abundant harvest.

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