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The Critical 10%…Achieving Exponential Results

Many CEO’s who are experiencing less than desirable results think they must “reinvent” their organization and throw out much of what they are doing today. Most organizations, which have beat the odds of being in business more than five years, have done a good job of mastering the 90% it takes to be survive, thrive, or be successful. The remaining critical 10% is the adjustment that needs to be established to leverage the 90% that has made the organization successful. Properly aligning the components of the successful 90% and adding the critical 10% can result in rising to new heights of success, especially in environments of rapid change. However, there are two shifts that must occur before these results can be realized.

First, there must be a realization that an organizations greatest potential lies within the assets of the people, processes, potential, and positioning within a given market. When an organization’s owner, CEO, or senior leadership team begin to take a holistic view of the organization they begin to see that they are 90% of the way there and just the critical 10% shift in strategy can transform the organization. Prosperity within an organization is systemic, which means all of the components must successfully work together to realize the vision and reflect the desired identity of the organization.

The second important step in achieving exponential results comes from aligning the successful 90% and identifying the critical 10% which will transform the organization. The alignment occurs through the use of The Systemic Prosperity Framework, which aligns the successful 90% through the four components of:

  • Culture Cultivation
  • Operational Excellence
  • Customer Focus
  • Scoreboard for Success

To learn more about how to add a business strategist who can assist with the implementation of these principles, contact Stravicom Global at,