About Us



The Stravicom Global, Inc. Vision is to….Create Enterprise Excellence in the Global Community.divider350long

The Stravicom Global, Inc. Mission is realized through our name…To assist organizations to realize their Strategic Vision through:

  1. Commitment to deliver Systemic Prosperity with excellence throughout the Global Community.
  2. Compass of clearly defined values integrated throughout the organization.
  3. Composition of reproducible systems which are transferable to our clients.
  4. Comprehensive Support for our clients to prosper in their pursuit of excellence.
  5. Competency of talent required to deliver Enterprise Excellence.

The Stravicom Global, Inc. Values are:

  1. Relationships are our priority, both internal and external built on a foundation of integrity and trust.
  2. Relentless pursuit of excellence in all we do.
  3. Reproducible success is our ability to develop and refine best practices which are transferrable to our clients and reflected in our operation.
  4. Results focused organization, intentional with our investment of time and resources to deliver the desired results.
  5. Responsiveness to stakeholder needs.


The Stravicom Global, Inc. Brand reflects:
a reputation of excellence, professionalism, and value assisting organizations throughout the world on their journey of excellence.





Stravicom Global, Inc. is a professional services firm that provides the tools and systems required to assist organizations in their pursuit of excellence. The Enterprise Excellence Framework was developed by Stravicom Global, Inc. to provide reproducible success by aligning the critical components of culture, operations, customer focus, and scoreboard to ensure all resources within the organization are working toward to desired results.



Jamie Jordan, a global award winning, industry leader, has over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, consultant and leader in technology, healthcare, green energy, professional services and manufacturing environments. His experience of leadership in positions of CEO, management, sales, operations, and engineering management, has led to the development of The Enterprise Excellence Framework. These systems are used to assist companies in the production of an integrated framework, which enables sustainable success.


Jamie has a degree in Organizational Leadership, and as an industry leader, he was awarded the Charlie Bergman award from the CSIA (Control Systems Integration Association) in memory of the founder of the association. This recognition spotlighted Jamie’s role in the authoring and establishment of Best Practices and Industry Standards, which are seen today as the international auditing benchmark to achieve for the control systems integration industry. 

During Jamie’s time as President and CEO of Applied Industrial Automation, Inc. the firm was recognized in the Emerging 10, which recognizes the 10 fastest growing businesses in the region.

Jamie currently serves as President of Stravicom Global, Inc., a Professional Services Firm located in Charleston, SC.  The vision of Stravicom Global, Inc. is to create systemic prosperity in the global community. Jamie is chairman of the board of Lifeworks, a non-profit ministry that supports marketplace professionals and is active on other boards and in many leadership arenas.